Why am I asked to scan and pay again?

We are sorry for any confusion regarding the scanning process.

If you placed an order on our website, downloaded the app and attempted to complete the scan, only to be asked to purchase the goggles again - you have clicked the wrong button on the front screen of the app.

Our app has two scan flows starting from the front screen of the app:

- LINK SCAN TO ORDER: If you placed an order on our website, and want to attach an order to your scan, this is the button you should click. It allows you to link a scan to your existing order. You are also able to submit a new scan to your order, if for some reason, you are not happy with the first scan you submitted.

- TRY THE SCAN: If you have not yet placed an order on our website, or if you want to try the scan before placing an order, you should click this button. After you complete the scanning process, you will be guided to our goggle collection where you can purchase your preferred color(s). If you complete the order in the app after completing a scan, we will automatically use the scan you just made to produce your goggles. You do NOT have to go back to the front page of the app and click LINK SCAN TO ORDER.