Which parts of the goggles will be custom-fitted to me?

Our goggles are produced so they will match the exact curvature of your eye socket (the area around your eyes). This provides optimal conditions for the perfect fit. Standard one-size-fits-all goggles have to be tied in very hard, which gives a distinctly uncomfortable feeling of pressure.

THEMAGIC5 goggles will fit you and only you. Wearing the goggles will feel different.

- Use the right nosepiece. We will equip your goggles with the nosepiece that fits you the best, but to accommodate personal preferences, we have provided you with a larger and smaller noise piece that you are welcome to try.

- DO NOT tighten your goggles as much as you do with other goggles. Your custom-fitted goggles will find their optimal position on your face, they will sink in. The strap should be tied lightly – just enough to keep the goggles in place.

- Testing the fit is only possible in the water. Get in the pool and swim some laps!