Scanning instructions

The perfect scan might require a few attempts. Furthermore, the scanning process is different depending on your phone model. Our app takes advantage of the newer iPhone's TrueDepth camera technology, which means the scanning process for these phones will be slightly different from all other phones.

Tips to secure a great scan (applicable for all phone models):

- Make sure that you are connected to high-speed Internet or WiFi.

- Stand with your back against an even surface such as a wall or a door. Avoid to stand in the middle of a room or in front of a window, which can make it difficult for the camera to focus during the scan.

- Do not wear anything that can cover your eyes such as hats, glasses etc. If you have long hair, we suggest that you set it up while doing the scan.

- Hold your phone approx. 15in (30cm) from your face when scanning.

- Very slowly move your phone while keeping your head still. NOT the other way around.

- Try to keep your head centered on the screen at all times.