Color choice

The only difference between all the pairs of goggles is the tint. This is our explanation of lens colors from brightest to darkest:
CLEAR MAGIC - This is our clearest goggle, hence the name. Perfect if you don't want any tint on your goggles and mainly swim in low-light conditions or indoor.
View of open water, view as without goggles
BLUE MAGIC - Almost a clear view, only tinted with a light blue colour, enhancing the water color. These goggles will give you one of the clearest and undisturbed vision of all our available goggles. Truly amazing for indoor or low light swimming.
View of open water, slight blue tint
BLUE MAGIC MIRROR GOLD - Blue lens gives a very bright and clear view while the gold mirror protects against excess light from sun/lamps. 
View of open water, less bright and a blue tint
BLUE MAGIC MIRROR SILVER - Almost identical to the one above except that the silver mirror reflects more light and will be a bit darker. 
View of open water, similar brightness to a pair of sunglasses, yet a blue tint
SMOKE MAGIC - Imagine wearing sunglasses. Amazing for sunny days or a super bright pool, but can definitely be more versatile if you do not mind a slightly darker view.
View of open water, a blue sky wearing sunglasses
BLACK MAGIC MIRROR SILVER - our darkest version. They are meant to be for outdoor (sunny) swimming unless you have an extremely well lit indoor pool or if you like to swim in the dark.
View of open water, no excessive light similar to a dark pair of sunglasses 
None of the goggles are polarized as polarization only works when you look into the water and not look under/around in the water. However, all goggles are UV-400 protected against damaging sun rays. NEVER look directly into the sun with your TheMagic5 goggles.
All goggles are treated with anti-fog treatment, to prolong the effect of the treatment, never touch the insides of the gaskets, and always clean after use with running tap water.